November 13th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

03:53 Well, I guess that just under 4 hours sleep is better than two! ;-p #

03:54 @sweetmeow no, you are right. LJ does not like twitter badges (or NaBloPoMo ones)... #

05:21 It seems that I woke up because I was hungry... #

06:08 gonna try to sleep some more #

06:11 note to self: being awake when the heating comes on having been asleep for a while makes the cas think that it is their breakfast time #

09:19 can haz fail to sleep more #

11:22 Going to see if I can nap for 2 hours #

12:20 @snitter what multi-user feature? ;-p #

12:20 taking a nap failed... #

14:58 Freeholder's maintenance boss guy just left. Deadlines to pack away the contents of out living room have been set. #

14:59 Time to book storage and removals. Bear in mind that our living room is a storage-unit ofboxes of stuff... ;-p #

16:32 Done a few chores and tada items. Knackered so going to try sleeping/napping - again! #

16:36 @snitter *keeps* crashing and the only thing I can do to make it run again without crashing is uninstall, del prefs, reinstall. :( #

16:38 zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;-p #

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HTML codes

Yeah - I am awake again.

Okay so, I am not the only one that this happens to. the ♥ (♥) code shows up for me as a |-like symbol in bold in Firefox on OSX. Then again, that code is not in my O'Reilly HTML Pocket Reference (not a very new copy but says "Covers HTML 4.0" on the cover) and so it may just be that Firefox is being standards-compliant where other browsers are less so and/or it is an I.E.-only code. I know that canyoncat uses Firefox and they show up as hearts for him but then he is on Windows. Just had a thought - maybe it is an OSX font issue. Then again, it shows as a heart in xjournal preview.

So - anyone know why this code does not show up for me? Not that I am too bothered - merely curious - I tend to assume that a | was intended to be a heart...

ETA: It shows as a heart in Safari (OSX) but as the bold | in Camino, as well.
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[nablopomo] The state of the Natalie

I managed almost 5 hours sleep tonight. I sense a nap in my day later - I am shattered!

Whether it is arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, the cold, random MonSter aches or whatever, all of my finger joints HURT! About a five on the 1 to 10 scale. Nothing else really hurts today (other than the headache and neck ache that go with the cough/cold that I have) and so I guess I have got of medium to light for today.

I have made this entry public in the spirit of NaBloPoMo and blogging. That means that I am whinge-ing less than I possibly would in a friends-only (FO) post. I am also rambling less than I might.

One thing that I have notices with NaBloPoMo is that I am writing more in my livejournal (LJ). I am back to roughly where I was years ago when I used to almost *live* on LJ and write many small posts throughout the day. I would love to be able to write one long and detailed post like many other bloggers do but this is how my brane works these days and so I guess we are stuck with it!

This entry is brought to you by the number PAIN icon (pain icon)
and the letter ill skeleton icon (ill skeleton icon).

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