November 12th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

04:19 Hmmm I am not tweeting much... but I am still nocturnal! ;-p #

05:29 in bed at last. early night for me! #

16:50 am awake but still asleep - if you know what I mean... #

23:48 OMG! I have taken meds and done jab before midnight! Also, I am going to bed before midnight! See you in more than 2 hours, I hope, maybe... #

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Awake again

I went to bed just before midnight tonight. I woke up again - WIDE AWAKE - just less than four hours later. Bah.

I will try to get some more sleep soon, if I get tired again, because the freeholder's maintenance manager guy is coming over to chat about what will need to be moved out of the living room so that they can replace the ceiling (they do actually seem to have fixed the main leak!) at about 2 pm.

A couple of hours of reading RSS feeds and so on should knock me back out again...

[nablopomo] Shattered tonight

I am feeling pretty shattered. I went to bed before midnight last night but woke up after less than four hours and have only managed to snatch about half an hour's sleep since then, despite trying for hours. This cold/cough is still kicking my ass. So, I have taken my evening meds and my jab is out of the fridge warming up so that I can use it.

What odds will you give me that I get to bed before midnight again, two days in a row? Hubby said the odds were about zero but then he did not know then (until I told him) how wasted I am feeling! ;-p

Yet another non-thought-provoking NaBloPoMo post but I have, at least, posted a photo today...

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