November 9th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

04:43 Still wide awake, still spodding... #

04:49 Okay. Note to body. You can dispense with the coughing/choking fits NOW. Please? *room spins* ... *sees stars* #

06:45 Oops - I forgot to sleep... #

07:26 Finally sleepy... #

15:36 Oops! I only just woke up! #

16:41 Awake finally and trying to work out if I can hear rain or wind in the trees. It seems to be both - gales and rain. Testing roof repairs... #

18:39 It is so hard keeping my eyes open despite meds (inc. pseudoephedrine) and food. Need green tea but can't go to the kitchen without NOISE. #

18:40 If I go into the kitchen, Pixel and Smudge will start to tell me LOUDLY that it is gone 6 pm and so FUD TEIM NAU!! So far they are silent... #

18:41 Have been blogging (public entries) now and then on my LJ ( Not much solid content but enough for NaBloPoMo. ;-p #


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