November 7th, 2007


[nablopomo] A non-day

I have had a pretty 'non-day' today Lots of sleeping, some TV, some LJ reading, some Pox Nora and that's about it. A spodding day.

I did get my second recent postcard from canyoncat - another one with rock carvings from the Grand Canyon.

I did not get out in the car after all of my hopes last night - yes the car was available but I just seem to have had no motivation to do anything today.

It is definitely autumn-going-on-winter. All I want to do is hibernate.

I may play WoW for a bit now, though. I didn't last night after writing that I would. Except, of course, I can't because it is weekly maintenance! Bah...

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I seem to have a cough/cold

I am bunged up. I am coughing chunks. I have a nasty headache. My back aches/HURTS/aches (alternating-ly) as do all of my muscles and joints.

At least I have managed to put a load of washing on and make sure the shopping list* is as complete as possible before I collapse back into bed...

* Hubby has said he will do the shopping when he gets home. I am so lucky to have a grocery-shopping and dinner-cooking hubby! <3 ;-p
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