November 5th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

03:45 Yep - still up into the early morning, again. Jab and meds done, though, so off to bed soon. Am still doing OK with NaBloPoMo. #

14:14 Awake having watched some of the MotoGP. Now taking meds and trying to wake up properly. I M ZOMBEE! #

17:14 Yurgh. Not feeling great today. Going back to bed for a bit. If I can sleep now that it is firework-o'clock... #

21:36 Watching Cold Case. #

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[nablopomo] I have already had to rely on twitter

I have already had to fall back on twitter, SMS, loudtwitter and making sure that I twitter a few times a day. Without that there would only have been a tiny wibble post about slow internet/livejournal yesterday (Sunday 4th). So, having been unwell today and slept a lot, I have just had a thought - maybe if I try to make a post at night whilst being nocturnal? I wonder if that would be a good idea. Ya Think?! ;-p

Having not really blogged about Saturday other than via twitter, this is a good time to do so. Friday was Dad's birthday and he went out for lunch with bro'. I emailed him earlier in the week to ask what he would like to do for his birthday on Saturday or Sunday and he asked to see me at his place if I could get the car. Hubby did not need the car and so it was agreed that I would go to see dad on Saturday.

I got up (after hitting snooze on my alarm clock for over half an hour - something that I seem to do whilst still asleep!), eventually, sometime after 11:30 am and sat in front of the 'puter for about half an hour while I finished waking up. As usual I then took my morning meds and supplements, showered, dressed and so on.

That may be boring stuff that is easy for most people but it is a long, slow process for me that can wear me out before I go anywhere! As it was, on Saturday, I seemed okay once I was done and so got in the car ready to drive to the nearby town where dad lives. It was about 1:30 pm by the time I left.

It was not until I was half way to town that I realised that I had forgotten to put on my rings and wristwatch and also to eat any breakfast. Ah well - I had already let dad know that I needed to do some shopping before I came to his place and so I did just that as well as picking up a wrap from Subway for brunch.

I spent about an hour and a half in town browsing and getting a lot of my shopping list items (but not all) and then headed off to dad's for a while for a chat. I don't see enough of him but I guess that I am not often up to driving at the same time as having the car available to me.

I left there just after 5 pm because it was starting to get dark and I still needed to go to Sainsbury's for some grocery shopping before the 20 minute drive home. I did not want to drive too much in the dark having not drive at night for some time. As it was I was okay driving in the dark, if exhausted by the time I got home.

Once home, I napped for a while (as in, "MS fatigue says that you will SLEEP NOW, or else it will make you fall asleep standing up and then you will collapse on the floor!!!") and am not sure why I woke when I did but, after some supper (I have an amazing cooking hubby!) was then up a lot of the night. Par for the course with me!

I seem to be able to "pull myself (my spoons) together" enough for a day out like this once a week or so - any more than that and the knock-on effects last too long. Also, I no longer like to see it as "pulling myself together", more as drawing a spoons overdraft or having saved some up in advance. This time, with my guts how they are 'today' (between me waking up at 1 pm Sunday and when I finally go to bed Monday morning) and how much sleep I needed after my outing, I must have gone a bit overdrawn in the spoons department.

Such is life with the MonSter that is Multiple Sclerosis. Hey - 'my' MS ("I may have MS but MS does not have me!") is mild and I am still able to walk and drive! ;-p

Wow - I seem to have been able to stream-of-conciousness-type a pretty long blog post there! I have always known that my brane is more awake at night...

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I have just stumbled across this link whilst browsing my RSS/Atom feeds in Google Reader. I wish that I could remember whose blog I was reading when I clicked on the link to open it in a tab behind all the others, only looking at the page a while later.

These Leafages are beautiful and an amazing idea:

If only I could do calligraphy like that and/or have ideas like that!


In other news, a Note to Self:

Taking photos of a tiny sliver of a crescent moon through double glazing is not going to work even if you do use a VR lens. Using the long lens with VR turned off, a tripod and a long exposure *outdoors* will undoubtedly work much better.

Not tonight, though, Josephine - too many stairs and too little energy... ;-p
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