November 4th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

01:40 Deos anyone know why my Firefox bookmarks toolbar suddenly has no icons on it where it used to be full and how I get them back? Bah. #

03:31 Yup, still awake. Needing to sleep soon, though, if I am going to drive to see my dad tomorrow afternoon. 'Twas his Birthday Fri 2nd. #

03:33 Blogging, reading blogs, twittering/tweeting, surfing flickr, reading feeds and playing scrabulous! IZ GRL - KAN MULTEE TASX! #

03:46 Sleeeeeep - I give in to the zzzzzzzzzz-s. You guys have all gone quiet as well... #

11:59 Trying to wake up enough to drive... #

14:44 Subway wrap for brunch. Done some shopping. Off to see Dad. More shopping later. #

17:13 Been to dad's and Sainsbury's. Now to drive home... #

17:45 Is home now but managed to buy Dr Pepper Zero (+Aspartame) instead of Dr Pepper (plain normal version). I am full of FAIL! :( #

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