November 3rd, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

00:37 Does anyone anywhere in the world know where I can beg/buy some chewing gum that does not have any Aspartame in it? #

00:38 I miss gum - Aspartame is evil and crosses the blood/brain barrier thus not being a good idea for me with M.S. (or anyone, TBH)! #

03:55 I think that I will try to sleep soon. It is too easy to stay up all night here... #

12:45 Slept okay but woke to a gut with a mind of its own. Have a number of phone calls I need to make this afternoon and so on. #

20:01 Have fed cats. Am confused by missing tweets on @snitter that I can see on twitter... #

20:04 Then again, I was imagining things. I was seeing replies to a tweet from someone that I never saw in snitter *or* twitter. Must have been PM #

20:43 upon more investigation i have found a twitter bug. @neilford did an '@ndixon' that did not show up on my home page even though they both do #

22:05 Wow! I made twitterposter! Thanks to @neilford pointing it out. I wonder what I did to get on there? Post a lot? #

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I am quoting this out of context, with permission from a friends-locked post by archanglrobriel because it made me *dies of laugh* and I thought that some of you might find it funny, even out of context:

I realized that there are some things that would be even less fun than a sneak-attack eye dilation. Like a Guerilla Sniper Colonoscopy. Or the dreaded Ninja Pap Smear. Or the legendary Death-Strike Black Ops Paratrooper Prostate Exam...
So all in all, I suppose if I had to choose, I'd go with the sneak-attack eye dilation at the Mall.

Hah! LOL!!!1!

ETA: I only wish that you could all read the even funnier ensuing comments thread!
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Gwarsh- I am spouting some drivel tonight. I should really get to bed soon so that I can drive over to see my dad tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. It was his birthday today (Friday) - it is still Friday to me until I sleep!

This is copied from a comment that I made elsewhere on my LJ:

Hmm. I just realised. I need a Toad-a-lee1 icon of some kind. As well as a Spoons icon and icons for each of my cameras and a replacement phone icon that has my current cellphone on it and not my old one.

I also need more icon space but I am maxed out. Ho hum...

1A cliché USian pronunciation of "totally" - in some states at least...
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[nablopomo] Being kind to myself

I will write more when I have napped...
So what if this is cheating - I have MS and have had a very busy day for me! ;-p

just before midnight, in the end:
Well, I was commenting1 on a fellow NaBloPoMo's LJ when I realised that I am, once again, imposing more constraints on myself (and NaBloPoMo) than I need to - I want to write *good* blog posts (while not knowing what my definition of a good blog post actually *is*), and all I really need to do is post in my blog (in my case public posts in this LJ) every day, which I have already done today!

So, I think that I am going to stop aiming to do one post specifically tagged as "my NaBloPoMo post for the day" and just make public posts every now and then in the day and try to make sure there is at least one per day. I had already decided not to try to write a novel (having considered combining NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo) and not to even try to stick to a theme for NaBloPoMo before I started...

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