October 30th, 2007


[loudtwitter] My Twitter Tweets from Yesterday

02:23 Lemsip 12HR has reduced my temperature but now the pseudo-ephedrine means I am wide awake! It's all good, though. I slept a lot today... #

04:02 Watches Snitter fail to install on her G3 iBook with an error about not being able to find it. Ah well ;-p #

04:04 @snitter The download location for this application could not be determined. Please re-start the download from the web browser. Did not help #

17:51 It was already dark as I got back with the dogs from their walk at 17:00 or so. Why can't we leave the clocks on BST all year? :( #

17:53 Once again I have slept a lot today. No doubt that means that I will be up all night again. Bro is still out so dogs and I are spodding on s #

17:55 ...sofa. #

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[five.tv news] Inflammatory journalism or paedophiles in 'Second Life'™?!

I just watched a report on http://news.five.tv/ about paedophiles using Second Life to enact child abuse and rape. All I can find on the web about it is this brief snippet on their website:


Jason Farrell investigates the secret children's playground in the virtual world Second Life where paedophiles cruise and the mansion where rape is encouraged.

Read Jason Farrell's blog. {ed.: link was not provided}


I wonder how much of this is inflammatory reporting and how much is a true problem.

{ETA: Further surfing on their site and I found Jason Farrell's blog and thence this post.}

I think that Snopes needs to look into this.