October 7th, 2007


[meme] Interests, asked by sweetmeow

I have been asked about seven of my interests again, this time by sweetmeow, here - if enough people ask me about my interests, eventually we will cover all 109!

Here are the seven that sweetmeow chose and why I find them of interest:

chichester (I knew someone by that last name, but isn't it a town??)
Yes, Chichester is a small city near where we live. It has a Cathedral and beautiful architecture. I go to St Richard's Hospital there pretty often to visit my neurologist and other specialist doctors as well as sometimes going shopping in the town.

creative photos
I like photographs that are different. Maybe an abstract of a texture like rusty iron or lichen on bark. I am also interested in modifying photographs using a program like Photoshop - anything from a slight modification to a complete distortion. If you like, painting with photographs.

I taught myself to play the flute many years ago. I had already learned the Clarinet, Guitar, recorders and Saxophone (Alto) but decided that I wanted to learn to play the flute. I borrowed a school flute that was a bit battered and not being used and played it at every opportunity (obsessive, much? ;-p). Once I left school I was without a flute until I went to university and a boyfriend bought me the flute that I had started to rent. I still have it but rarely play it these days.

invisible disabilities
Multiple Sclerosis and Migraines are two of many chronic invisible conditions that can be disabling. By 'invisible' I mean that, to look at me you would not realise that I had a disability unless I was using my cane. Visible disabilities (such as needing a wheelchair for whatever reason) are no more or less important but those of us with invisible conditions often have to battle the 'But you don't look sick!' mentality of people, be it the public, friends or relatives.
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I have a pretty ordered sense of pattern. When I was a kid, everything *had* to be symmetrical. I used to (and still do) love colouring in the Altair Design pads and other patterns such as Celtic designs. This also ties in to my love of abstract photography and the textures, colour and patterns therein as well as chaos theory, mathematics and fractals - the TV programme 'numb3rs' is *so* fascinating to me!

PTSD is short for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have had a number of events in my life that were traumatic and all of them have left me with varying degrees of PTSD including flashbacks, nightmares, triggered irrational and extreme emotions (pseudobulbar affect / emotional lability) and so on. I am learning to live with and around this even if it has taken me until I am 40!

wheat free
I have IBS and discovered by a process of elimination that there are, for me, a whole list of foods that trigger the nasty symptoms. I have cut out a few foods completely and wheat is just one of them. I can get away with a small amount of wheat every now and then and so I have yet to work out which part of the wheat does not like me, whereas dairy products are a far more extreme culprit. Casein is the trigger, rather than lactose, and so *all* mammal milk products.

If you would like me to choose seven of your interests that you can then explain in your journal, ask me to in the comments!