June 18th, 2007

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Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder

"Often, people with the disorder report that they cannot sleep until early morning, but they fall asleep at about the same time every "night", no matter what time they go to bed. Unless they have another sleep disorder such as sleep apnea in addition to DSPS, patients can sleep well, and have a normal need for sleep. Therefore, they find it very difficult to wake up in time for a typical school or work day if they have only slept for a few hours. However, they sleep soundly, wake up spontaneously, and do not feel sleepy again until their next "night" if they are allowed to follow their own late schedule, e.g. sleeping from 4 a.m. to noon. "

That sounds so familiar! Sometimes it is just good to know you are not alone - not the only one!

I would probably have opted for a nightshift or evening-shift career when I was still working - had I known, rather than forcing myself to try to sleep when I could not and so getting little sleep.

I wonder if this *is* actually what my sleep 'pattern' is due to...

"- People with DSPS have at least a normal - and often much greater than normal - ability to sleep during the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon as well. In contrast, those with chronic insomnia do not find it much easier to sleep during the morning than at night.
- People with DSPS fall asleep at more or less the same time every night, and sleep comes quite rapidly if the person goes to bed near the time he or she usually falls asleep. Young children with DSPS resist going to bed before they are sleepy, but the bedtime struggles disappear if they are allowed to stay up until the time they usually fall asleep.
- DSPS patients can sleep well and regularly when they can follow their own sleep schedule, e.g. on weekends and during vacations."

Again, very familiar! Well, I have no need for a formal diagnosis while I am not trying to work, I guess, and am not going to self-diagnose, but it is good to know that such a condition and others like it are recognised.
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