June 13th, 2007


PUBLIC: NOT impressed

I finally received my free 10 moo minicards today. I am not at all impressed with the print quality, however. I used photos that I usually print at photobox.co.uk - all of the greetings cards and postcards that you guys get from me and that are so vibrant when printed they sing and pop! Well, those same image files when printed as moo minicards look like mud. I am not at all impressed.
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I have a new LJ for my photos

Just so that those of you that read this LJ know;

I have a new livejournal community, nsf_photos, to replace natphotoblog. Because it is a community, I can post to it without logging out of natf and back in.

Apologies for any confusion!

I may try to copy entries there from here but I will not be able to copy comments across and so will not be deleting any entries from here, let a lone the account.

For more info see this entry on my main LJ.