May 10th, 2007


Done list

Today I have:

1. Woken at 3 am after 4 hours of sleep and felt wide awake.
2. Read the library books that need to go back tomorrow.
3. Had a brief 1.5 hour nap at almost 10 am.
4. Still managed to get ready and to go out to counselling with hubby driving.
5. Had a very useful counselling session where we touched on many many things including the 'Victim' triangle.
6. Been shopping in Tesco with hubby without getting dizzy/vertigo.
7. Sorted 24 of my watercolour pencils plus some other drawing pencils/supplies into my Derwent pencil wrap.
8. Done two loads of laundry (so far!) this evening. Neil is out for the evening and so I can try to plough through my laundry backlog.

I may even log into WoW but this weather is weighing very heavily on my eyebrows... ;-p

(I have decided to start doing 'done' lists so that I get out of the habit of feeling like I don't achieve anything with my days.)

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