March 8th, 2007

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My ficlet saga (updated)

I wrote a ficlet at I seem to be testing the site for them - if anything can go wrong it will go wrong when I try to use it. I am a great software/website tester for that reason. I am also good at trying to keep notes and so on, Hey - I am an ex- (medically retired) developer/coder and so I know how bad it is just to be told that "it doesn't WORK!"

Anyway. I wrote a ficlet. The site told be it was 1024 chars long (the max length). I had worked hard to make it fit exactly at 1024. The site said:

I tried to post/publish it. Now, admittedly the site has some issues and you need to retry everything a random number (from 1 to hundreds, it seems) of times before it will work.

Note: I had saved a copy/paste of the text to a txt file.

Eventually I got to the next page and it then told me that my ficlet was to long - that the maximum was 1024 chars!

OK. I tried something else. I copy/pasted it into Word and that says it is 1016 chars including spaces (837 without)! Confused as I am yet?

Next I tried to publish just the first paragraph of the ficlet as a draft, including tags (bright, loud, pain, suffering). That worked eventually but the tags had got lost. So, I edited it again and re-added the tags and that worked after a few button click, page back instances.

I have tried to add all but one character back in (leaving out the last '.') but that still says on the second page that there are more than 1024 chars, despite the editing page saying there are 1023.

I know that arrays and so on can cause errors like this in code with some being indexed from 0 and some from 1. I am totally sympathetic. I am, however, stumped for anything more to try.

One of the developers has asked if I have used double spaces after a '.' and I am sure that I did not but I will check in Word. (Just checked. No double spaces anywhere.) I *have* used some of the formatting that they allow, though, as a test:

Here is my ficlet - finally!

Bear in mind that the first paragraph (containing the formatting chars) *did* publish successfully.


Bt the way, I am natalief there as well!

'"Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice.'
When I go in through my author page linked just above and go to edit this ficlet draft, all of the characters/paragraphs (all 1024 char) are there and so are the tags! It looks like it saved it whilst telling me that it could not! I guess I should try to save it as a full ficlet next!

Nope. Still does not work.

UPDATE 3 (from twitter and email):
"Has finally worked out what was stopping her ficlet from being published. Double carriage returns between paragraphs (doublespaced)."

...which is a pity. Having a blank line between paragraphs makes them much easier to read.
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A first ficlet attempt

She had never been there before. It was so... *loud* and _bright_. So much more than her senses could assimilate. Definitely more than she could cope with, let alone enjoy.

Remembering the lengthy weighing up process that she had pushed herself through before the final decision to attend, she was regretting the outcome of that deliberation from the depths of her gut. No good would come of it and she was already starting to succumb to the loss of control and pain.

Many would, on seeing her, not realise the straits that she was in. Some would perceive her discomfort as enjoyment. All she knew was that she had no idea how to end this situation - how to get out of it, to end the ordeal.

Why did she always get herself into such positions? Her inner torment was self-sustaining and self-reinforcing. She had caused herself to be where she was and could blame nobody else for her pain.

At the same time, though, that felt so refreshing - a relief. Usually her pain and suffering was delivered at the hands of another.

© Natalie S. Ford, 2007.

Sadly, I cannot post this to yet because they seem to be broken. See my other journal post.