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Last night I had a dream

Last night I had a dream about the film that I am currently knitting socks for.

I dreamt that we were being paid for our artisanal crafting skills and our time. That the film was making money (I have no idea if it will be, in reality) and that our skills were truly valued and we were fêted for them. In reality we are being provided with yarn and pattern and we are volunteering to knit and not even paid minimum wage for our time.

Yes, there will be the ability to tell people that we knitted that sweater in the film, or those socks, and there will be an exhibition of the knitted items and patterns but what is that really worth to us in this day and age?

Kudos and "karma" are all very well but I will not be volunteering for anything like this again without first asking how much the pay for my skill and time will be. I will knit what I have the yarn for at the moment. I will not be offering to knit anything else for them or anyone who does not value my skill enough to remunerate me even for my time.

Edited to add a relevant note: I am also knitting myself leg-warmers from yarn that I have left over from knitting hubby a sweater whilst wearing a scarf, hat, fingerless mitts, two sweaters, two t-shirts, two pairs of socks, slippers, fleece-lined joggers and a blanket (and underwear, of course) because it is so cold in here and we cannot afford to have the heating on during the day.

Edited to add: I have now added a pair of leggings under the joggers.

I also read this article today after having had the dream last night which might explain why I blogged about this: On Devaluating Hand-Knitting.

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