December 21st, 2006


Checklists, thoughts and ponderings

Yeah - awake all night again. Made good use of the time though, thinking and making notes.

I have been thinking for a while now about how to have a checklist that I can fill in every day of stuff I MUST do, SHOULD try to do and COULD do if I have the ability/energy that day.

I am still not sure how to do it so that I can keep records (e.g. I need to know what time I do my jab so that I leave at least 20 hours before the next one). I had thought about doing it as a laminated dry-wipe card but then I would not have that record. To be honest I only need the previous day's time and I have been recording that in my diary/datebook.

I used to use a printed 3 x 5 card / checklist per day but I don't really need to keep them.

Maybe a combination of the datebook and dry-wipe card would work. Anyway - here are the lists I have come up with so far (these things may seem to be no-brainers but if I don't write them down / use a checklist, I forget to do them!):

MUST do every day:
- breakfast [1]
- am meds [1]
- daily vitamins/supplements [1]
- daily jab [2]
- clean teeth + floss [1]
- lunch [1]
- lunchtime meds [1]
- clean teeth + floss [1]
- supper [1]
- evening meds [1]
- clean teeth + floss [1]
- snack when needed [1]
- drink water [1 (includes filling glass etc.)]
- clean cats' litter-tray [4]

SHOULD* do most days ideally, if at all possible, but can get by without doing on the odd day:
- shower [5]
- shave [1]
- wash hair [2]
- get dressed / change out of pyjamas [1]
- get out of bed [1-10 (varies from day to day)]

COULD do when I have any spare energy/spoons after doing the above:
- housework [10+]
- cooking/baking [5+ (being on my feet and the heat of the kitchen)]
- play WoW [2]
- watch TV [2]
- artwork/sketching/drawing/colouring/crafts [4]
- post some photos to the web/LJ [4]
- read LJ [1]
- read other web stuff e.g. BlogLines [1]
- play other games e.g. PS2 [4]
- go to the gym [10 (bearing in mind the stairs and the exertion)]
- go swimming [12 (stairs, heat, exertion, travel)]
- go for a walk [8 (stairs)]
- take some photos - perhaps on said walk [10 (focus wears me out)]
- read a book [5]

tricksantiks wrote a while ago (protected post link for my own reference) about how different activities in her day use up different numbers of 'spoons'. The [numbers] above reflect how many spoons I think each activity takes me in relative terms - they are only vague guestimates of a very vague measure. I need to bear in mind that I do not have the same number of spoons to spend every day.

I have yet to work out what the [bad - good] spoons range is for a day and also how many spoons sleeping, napping, resting, exercising and so on earn me. tricksantiks decided that, for her, napping was counterproductive but I have discovered that sleeping why my body needs to for as long as it needs to (30 mins -> 20 hours) is the best thing for me. Let's face it, not only is everyone with MS different, we are all different!

OK - having got that all down, I might actually be able to sleep!

* I usually refuse to use the word SHOULD because it makes me feel guilty when I CAN'T but it is probably the best word to use in this context (MUST/SHOULD/COULD).
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