December 9th, 2005

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My soup recipe

I was asked, earlier, by kwisatz on IM how I made my soup, yesterday. Here follows a selective copy/paste with a few of his comments/questions in italics:
Well, i boil up 2.5 chicken carcasses for about 3 hours (we had had 2 x cooked chicken, hot, from Tesco (wonderful idea!) and i had had chicken and chips from the chippy in the last couple of weeks).

Then I chop up a shallot and fry it with some sunflower oil and squeezy garlic
then I chop up a bunch (5? - I usually only use 2) of leeks and sweat them for a bit as well.

kwisatz: how do you sweat a leak?!?
exercise bike?
'bedum chsss' *waits for applause*

natalief: You chop it fine and kinda fry it with the shallot but not too much - just 'til it goes soft!

{This soup is very easy - I always try to have some of this in the fridge - replaces meals for us when we are not up to cooking.}

Then I peel, de-seed and chop a butternut squash, chop a large baking potato (without peeling it - why lose all the vitamins?). Same with 2 or three large carrots and 2 courgettes, all chopped in roughly 1cm cubes or thin slices. You can vary the veg - I tend to use what is seasonal but these are my favourites.

Add all the chopped veg and the fried / sweated shallot/leeks to the stockpot where the stock is (having sieved out the bones!).

Add about half a pint to a pint of boiled (kettle) water to which have already added about 4 or 5 tsp of veg bouillon (or a veg stock cube), a dash or 5 of worcestershire sauce, a couple of squirts of tom puree.

Make sure all the veg are covered - if not add more liquid.

Cook / boil / simmer for 30 - 45 mins.

Blend - using a hand blender, while still hot if possible - or leave the veg chunky, it is up to you.

If I blend it (I usually do), I sometimes add some rice flour or corn flour as I blend it to thicken it a bit if it is too runny when cooked. The fact that the (pretty full stockpot of) soup is still hot will cook the flour and thicken the soup.

When I (usually) do it without chicken stock, it is still yummy!

kwisatz: a don't have a blender, will the washing machine do? lol!

There you have it! Cheap soup that lasts for days (still in the stockpot or in the fridge and then reheated in the pot or microwave), fills you up and warms you up and is yummy and healthy!
Right - worn out now - nap time...

ETA 20121201: Ingredients not including chicken carcasses:
1 shallot.
2 leeks.
1 butternut squash (or sweet potato?).
1 large baking potato (or a bunch of new potatoes).
3 large carrots.
2 courgettes.
vegetable bouillon powder.
tomato pureé.
worcestershire sauce (optional).
rice flour or corn flour to thicken.