July 14th, 2003



I am seriously considering leaving photochallenge because it is getting too big and amaterish (the photos and topic choices) and bitchy/petty.

It used to be fun and much more creative when it was smaller for a few months after I joined, but I have entered fewer and fewer challenges recently.

The judging is very strange. The winning photos are often completely out of focus even if they often *are* a good idea - just badly executed. Surely we are looking at execution quality, relevence to the topic, composition and so on, not just 'oh, that's a kewl idea!' ?

I have nothing against anyone in particular - not webkin who moderates the community, or anyone who has left or anyone still in the community (except maybe the agressive un-supportive few).

I just feel that it might not be the right community for me any more. I may just stay a member for a bit and 'lurk', because I enjoy looking at the photos and voting and trying to ensure that good photographs get votes and I have made a lot of new friends there - I will probably not bother entering any more challenges.

Having said that, I may enter this week - the topic is 'Blue' and I am sure I have a blue photo somewhere.

I had been feeling demoralised because I have entered technically good photos which are well composed and so on and would get good marks on my course, but I have received no votes because they are not 'kewl'.

I had also get a bit sad that I was missing out on the possibility of collecting points over the year, but I might just enter the odd week and not the rest.

I can't decide. What do people think I should do? I reserve the right not to follow your advice, but I will read it all... ;-)
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