June 28th, 2003


Recent and future

Recent photography outings, organised or spontaneous:

4th June - Marwell Zoo with Andy Rouse for Outdoor Photography magazine
7th June - Basingstoke Kite Festival
9th June - Bury Hill with poppies and Earnley butterflies, birds and flowers as well as daisies near Singleton
12th June - Nikon Owners Club pub meet
14th June - loads of photographs in my mum's lovely garden
22nd June - MS Society / British Disabled Flying Club flying day and TVR ride

Stuff we have planned:

- Heather Angel Workshop with the Nikon Owners Club
- Andy Rouse Masterclass at Marwell Zoo
- Goodwood Revival and/or Festival of Speed
- Brighton Kite Festival

...and various other kite festivals and spontaneous outings...

I may expand and explain these a bit sometime - ask if you want to know more...