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May 25th, 2003

photochallenge #31: Turtles Eye View

I did not enter this one last week. I wracked my brains, but could not come up with anything. Only after the deadline did I remember the picture I took last year of a hot air baloon as it flew over my head on the back lawn (which I will try to remember to dig out and post here)...

Oh well. There was discussion about turtles not being able to see things overhead, but I know, from what I remember of childhood friend's pet tortoises and terapins, that they can...

I am now considering what to enter for this weeks photochallenge, #32, "Everyday Life". I have in mind a picutre I took of neilf watching TV sitting on the sofa with his laptop within reach and viewable by him on the table next to him and Smudge on his knee, but I don't know how he'd feel about me making that picture public...

I am also just finished printing the 'contact' sheets for the pictures I took in Havant on Friday (read more), so I may be posting some pictures from then, soon.

I then need to go back to the Leith Hill photos and all of the other ones I have taken over the last couple of weeks and catch up with blogging them!

But, for now, I am going to go to sleep (I hope)...


Nat S Ford
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