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April 28th, 2003

My photo blog

I am taking *so* many photographs now that I am using the D100 that I have decided to begin a photoblog. I do not promise to post regularly or frequently, but I will do my best.

I will put photos behind lj-cut tags because they will often be large/wide and I do not want to disrupt your friends pages.

I will probably begin by posting photos I have posted into LJ communities already...

photochalenge 27: Cemetary

The photoCollapse )

The entry on photochallenge is here. I got some nice comments.

photochallenge 24: Industrialisation

photochallenge 22: Macro

photochallenge 20: Music

photochallenge 19: Sunset

A post on texture

What next?

I will continue to cross-post photographs that I post to the various photo communities I belong to in LiveJournal:
abstractphoto (almost nil traffic)
bandphotos (low traffic)
digiphoto_club (i have not seen *any* traffic)
digitalcamera (low traffic)
kittypix (quite high traffic)
landscape (low traffic)
macro_pics (low traffic)
photochallenge (quite high traffic)
photographers (low traffic)
phototips (low traffic)
texture (low to medium traffic)
(all viewable on my photo friends page)...

I also hope to edit down the photos I have taken over the last few days with neilf's D100 (2.5 Gb in Nikon's RAW format NEF - about 250 photographs!).

I have talked about taking these on my other journal (natf) here, here and here.

I will then then post the resultant subset here, but it may take me some time - I am *bad* at editing down - I like most photos I take and only hate a few...


Nat S Ford
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