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Last week's FridayFive about music

Originally posted by ariestess at The Friday Five for 25 October 2013...
Music & You!
What artist-song describes your: [Bonus points if you linky to a Youtube video.]






Love: Um, no track as such. Nothing that "describes my love" as the original question asks and nothing that I play when I am in love. Nothing comes to mind. Perhaps I am always in love.

Anger: When I am angry I have a bunch of tracks/music that I listen to that help me feel defiant and strong. Same when I am depressed because anger and defiance has always been my main coping mechanism for those emotions. Thinking about it, though, the same music tends to be my go-to playlist for many other emotions as well. One that does seem to fit Anger, however, is as seen on taibhse_fiach's reply to this Friday Five:
Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes (Remastered Video)

Hope: These questions are strange. I do not have music that describes my emotions. Maybe I am odd.

Happy: Ditto.

Sad: Ditto.

Not part of the original question, I use this next track to calm me and help me get sleepy:
David Sylvian - The Healing Place (Remastered edition) from the album "Gone To Earth"
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