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[Ravelry FO] Innocent Hats 2013

Number of hats knit = 72.

I am knitting these in the round rather than flat with seaming. 3 so far since last night. Ends not woven in yet. This is my basic pattern/recipe/method which I sometimes change up by adding stripes or a stitch pattern:

Innocent Smoothie Hats knit in-the-round for the Age UK Big Knit 2013

3.5 mm circ. and heavy DK yarn or a 4 mm circ. and light DK (sport-weight) yarn.

Cast on 28 sts (I use the long-tail cast-on) and join in the round.

Knit the hat (I use the magic-loop of knitting in the round and these instructions are written with thattechnique in mind but you could use two circular needles or double pointed needles (DPNs)):

1: P28.
2: K28.
3: P28.

12 plain stocking stitch rows:
4 – 15: K28.

16: K2tog x 14.
17: K2tog x 7.
18: K1, k2tog x 3.

12 rows of i-cord or 4 sts magic loop (I prefer the latter):
19 – 30: K4.

Cut yarn and draw through the 4 remaining stitches.

Weave/sew in ends and then tie a knot in the i-cord.

The flickr set of pictures of my Age UK and Innocent Smoothies Big Knit 2013 hats.

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