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Lakeshore - [politics|cancer] The government shutdown and the ACA and me

When you get right down to it, I have never seen a rational basis for the conservative opposition to the Affordable Care Act. After all, the core of the ACA was a proposal originating from the Heritage Foundation, a deeply conservative think tank.

And now the government shutdown. Which doesn't even defund the ACA itself, just pretty much everything else.

As for me personally, without the ACA I would be bankrupt or dead by now. Likely both.

So opposition to the ACA is quite literally saying to me, 'Go ahead and die already.'

Does it make sense to you? Have you seen anywhere a fact-based explanation of why the ACA should be so vigorously opposed?

Source: Lakeshore - [politics|cancer] The government shutdown and the ACA and me.

Both Jay and I would be interested in your answers. To be perfectly honest as a non-USian, I have no idea what is going on in the US at the moment - I just started to see something on Twitter and FaceBorg about the US government shutting down (How is that even possible?!) and have no idea what happened, why or what it means other than it seems to be disadvantaging a lot of people that should not be further disadvantaged. Feel free to enlighten me here (although please do not preach politics at me) and also to answer Jay's questions if you can (although they may be rhetorical but he never seems to refuse to discuss issues calmly and in an adult manner on his LJ/blog).

ETA: Anoter link from one of my LJFriends: The Fucking Bluebird of Goddamn Happiness - Pussyfooting politics are getting us nowhere
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