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"The Violence in Our Heads - NYTimes.com"

Interesting article about schizophrenia:

The Violence in Our Heads - NYTimes.com


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Sep. 20th, 2013 07:10 pm (UTC)

I was recently talking with Ray about this and was saying something along this line about our US culture and that we're "rooted in conflict" - especially internal conflict, but external conflict, as well. Our divisiveness politically and religiously is horrible now. The way people think about one another is scary in that we seem not to be able to differ in our beliefs respectfully - or don't do that easily. We objectify those who disagree. Our nation is made up of hugely different types of people (ethnic, racial, religious, as well as those of different financial means. Urban, suburban and rural people are all markedly different in their views, too) and it is hard to come together as a nation.

When I was talking with Ray I wasn't even thinking about the "gun culture" - which I, personally believe we have here with our constitution and it's "right to bear arms" constitutional amendment, which has permeated our culture - - maybe more than some other nations (not all by any means).

We also seem to have this need to fight wars, yet, paradoxically, we are right now CLEARLY a war weary nation. I suspect we find a certain amount of "definition" as a nation from this, and fear that if we didn't get involved that we would somehow be "less than", or be a lot more vulnerable and weak in the face of the rest of the world.

I never thought that this could move from this violent culture into the minds of the mentally ill who hear voices. But - it is logical. Culture permeates everything in very unconscious ways.
Sep. 22nd, 2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
Culture permeates everything in very unconscious ways.

Indeed it does, and thank you for your comment.
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