Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Why you do not 'rape' a boss (and why players do not 'rape' NPCs) in WoW …

If nothing else, WoW is not one of those games that have actual rape content (like GTA*). I give up trying to find a WoW guild that does not allow rape-culture jokes. This one supposedly has rules against this stuff.

I know I watched a video recently about the use of the word "rape" to mean "kill violently" in video games. I thought it was Will Wheaton and on YouTube but I am probably mis-remembering. Anyway the cut shows the screencaps of the conversation on /g on Aggramar today:

There are a few videos on YouTube that talk about this issue but I still cannot find the one I am remembering.

Yeah, so I just log out now (and/or change server or to a toon that is not in that guild) when this stuff happens.
Tags: guild, rape-culture, rape-jokes, wow

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