Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Neighbour kitty

I just took a full bin-liner down to the wheely bin and thought I would take Pixel down for a look outside with his newly crocheted harness and lead. Having put the bag in the bin and got Pixel down and harnessed up, keen for a look outside, the cat from downstairs (who had been said to be an indoors cat and had escaped on an overheard phone call in the garden the other day) appeared on our outside doormat and seemed to want to come inside. It is indeed cold out there as compared to the last few weeks. Anyway, Pixel sniffed at the new-to-him cat who sounds, to me, just like Smudge used to and then decided that he would rather high tail it back up the stairs and so I said goodbye (and sorry for the cold) to the cute little female tortie with white paws (another similarity to Smudge but she did not have white paws) and carefully shut the door on her while taking Pixel's harness and lead off. He then spent a while sat on the inside doormat communing with her through the frosted and toughened glass at the bottom of our front-door while I made myself some food in the kitchen. Scaredy (cautious?) cat is scaredy (one of his nicknames is wuss-puss.
Tags: cats, chores

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