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"Lakeshore - [cancer|writing] Why I don't use dictation software (yet)"

This post from Jay Lake is interesting. I think that I *could* write using dictation software (given the time to train it, of course, and the required post "writing" editing time). My my writing would be writing down what I am thinking, by pen, keyboard or voice and my thoughts are a constant voice in my head. My reading is the same. I talked to my last counsellor about this a lot - as well as how my brain runs at nineteen to the dozen - and how this is not the case for many people.

Lakeshore - [cancer|writing] Why I don't use dictation software (yet)

My comment there:
My thoughts on this, even though I do not write as much as you do (yet). I ideally want to be able to use the thought dictation kit that is discussed in Dune Messiah. I would love to be able to get down into writing/pixels/electrons all the things that I think/remember.
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