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"For sale: The joy of being sexually objectified"

Originally posted by cluegirl at For sale: The joy of being sexually objectified

Originally posted by kestrell at For sale: The joy of being sexually objectified
The recent kerfuffle regarding female SF writers in bikinis started me thinking, and you know how that goes, so I decided to post the following.

I've heard a number of men express interest in this, and I decided I wanted to sell mine but, eBay being not very accessible, I'm posting it here. Feel free to share it with your friends and forward it to men you have heard express interest in such a deal.

This is a pretty extensive package deal and, since I get the impression most would-be owners are a little vague about what is included, I'm listing some of the features below.

The package includes an extensive collection of lifetime experiences, such as:

* Being ten or eleven and having grown men, mostly drunk, make inappropriate sexual offers to me as I was coming home from Catholic school

* Starting from when I was thirteen or so, having grown men I didn't know ask me out, and then yell at me for saying no, even though I tried to say no as politely as possible

* Being followed by groups of men in cars who demanded that I get in their car

* Being asked personal questions and being asked out and/or having men try to look down the front of my shirt while taking the train to Cambridge for classes

Conditions: No special conditions required. To be sexually objectified it doesn't matter what you are wearing or what time of day it is or how you are behaving; in all of the previously mentioned situations it was broad daylight and wearing loose-fitting jeans, a baggy shirt, sneakers, no makeup, no low-cut top. The wonderful thing about sexual objectification is that you don't have to do anything to attract it, sexual objectifiers just feel free to tell you all about what they want, you aren't expected to do anything except comply.

I realize that some would-be owners would probably prefer to pick and choose the precise individual cases which they feel most closely suits their own ideas of what sexual objectification should be but, sadly, that isn't how sexual objectification works, because if it was about what *you* wanted, it wouldn't be sexual objectification.

Price: Absolutely free. Seriously, I would love to have never had these experiences, and I would love to know that other women haven't had similar experiences, making us so self-conscious that we worry about what we are wearing, where we are going, what time it is, where we are even letting our eyes look, because everything is a sign of interest for the sexual objectifier.

*Note: I used the word "men" because that is my experience, but would-be owners should feel free to substitute which gender or species appeals to them.

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And to Kestrel's list, I will add a few choice experiences of my own;

* Having the ten year old boy I was babysitting try to feel me up because his shitty little friend dared him to do it.

* Being raped at 13 and having the attacker say 'Quit cryin, I bet you do this all the time.'

* Being called 'jugs' by my best friend's father because I started getting my tits at the age of 9.

* Having to literally threaten to knife a would-be rapist who tried to drag me into his car when I was 17.

* Being asked by not only complete strangers, but by people who think they are my friends how much I would charge for sexual services. And they ask this with a straight face.

* Having to stay on the phone with my husband while I'm walking home from a club, in case the creepy guy in the truck who's circled the block twice after I'd refused his offer of a ride decides to come back and try his luck.

* Having to physically defend my space on a dance floor from dudebros who otherwise will burn me with their cigarettes, spill their beer on me, and try to unbutton my shirt while they're also trying to grind their crotches against me while I dance. Having to literally hip-check a dude in the crotch when he would not get OFF of me and let me alone.

And each of us has a hundred more just like this, don't we?
I don't think I'd sell mine for free though -- A dollar a pop ought to cover administrative costs, and I figure I should at least get the price of a burger out of having had to live through them at least once.

Oh I could add a few but that would require that I remember them and I have spent too much money on counselling trying to forget them.
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