Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

New/old WoW server and a new guild to try out with a new character

Most of my main characters in WoW are on Dragonblight, EU. All except my AH alt are in the same guild which I joined because, when guild-less most recently, I asked for a guild of mature English speakers and was assured by the officer that invited me that this was the case. Recently I have been badly triggered by two different young (≤ 18) players that have joined long after I did. I, a few nights ago, started playing some new characters on Aggramar, EU where I still had one character for the old days with 5g. That character is no longer and the level 10 mage that I replaced her with is now an AH alt with 20g and I have a hunter at level 13. I started to advertise for a guild for the hunter with the following in the guild search info box:

Mostly nocturnal but randomly at any time of the day as well. Looking for a guild of adult, mature English speakers that do not allow discrimination or hate-speech.

I was invited to a guild that lists the following amongst its rules (sic - I had to type this out because the guild info tab in WoW does not allow copying):

*Chat rules and others*
Speek shouting.bullying.racist.sexist.god modding.spamming.begging for gold/promotion
*Do not ninja loot inside or outside guild.
*Breaking rules depending on the gravity you may get a warning,or you could be banned.
Thank you

I have also added the core members of the Dragonblight guild (all adult, caring and friendly) to my RealID friends having not really used that "feature" before. I have avoided associating my RL persona or FB account with either guild (they both use FB instead of a real website) as I do not see that reality and escapism should overlap any more than to allow common decency to each other. I did give in and add the Dragonblight guild on FB eventually.

I will have to see how this goes but I am mostly playing WoW in the dead of the night (e.g. now, back on Dragonblight - those two kiddies are not online but the core members of the guild are) and so hopefully I will not be getting triggered as often in WoW.
Tags: wow

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