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[sticky post] [sticky] Notes to readers / commenters

  • I screen anonymous comments.

  • I delete spam comments.

  • I make a note of and 'whois' IP addresses of anonymous comments that I am unsure about but do not un-screen or delete them.

  • You will only see your anonymous comment if I un-screen it because you have signed it and I believe that you are who you say you are.

  • I get an email for every comment on this LiveJournal be it screened, anonymous or from a verifiable signed in, openID or LiveJournal account source.

  • Commenting that you are testing by commenting anonymously will not give you any testable results - the comment will be screened (and so invisible to you) or deleted.

  • Posts to my LJ are for my own reference and in case anyone reading it might find the links/content interesting.

  • I don't ask any questions of my readers like many bloggers do and so there is no "requirement" for you to read the post/links or to reply with your own relevant personal data.

  • I add "[public]" or "[friends]" to the titles of my posts (and will do in the future even if I have not in the past) so that readers might be more likely to notice when a post is friends-only and so should only be talked about on the comments threads for that post. That said some automatic posts (e.g. from Twitter, usually entitled, "My tweets") will not have that label in the title and so will likely be public. So, if a post foes not have a privacy label in the title, please take note of the padlock icon or its absence.

Just sayin'.



Nat S Ford
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