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"BBC - Radio 4 - British Birdsong"

BBC - Radio 4 - British Birdsong

I used to, as a child, know all of the birds in our garden and my grandparent's small-holding and garden by their songs. I have been hearing a bird (or a family of birds singing in shifts) singing at all hours (even in the dark at night - because it is never dark here with street-lights and so on) and have not been able to remember enough to identify it from its calls. Using the above resource, however, it seems to be closest to a Song Thrush but also has similarities to a Blackbird. We also have Sparrows, Finches and Tits audible from the flat. This brings back vivid memories of gardens, daisies and childhood. Of course, I can also hear cars on the Harwood Road and by-pass which were not audible in my memories but there are moments where all that can be heard are the garden song-birds and I am smiling again.
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