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"Obituaries - Charlie's Diary"

(And I'd like to remind non-Brits that strong leaders are more popular abroad than in their home land, because foreigners don't get to see the skulls that were smashed in the process of building that reputation for "strength".)

Obituaries - Charlie's Diary

A post from Charlie Stross about Margaret Thatcher's death and linking to an obituary written about her by Hugo Young, just days before he died, in 2003.

I have opinions about her and how the country fared with her as PM but I am not going to air them here because at least one person that reads this LJ is already fed up with all of the brouhaha going on about her death on Twitter, other social media and in the traditional media. Love her or loathe her (and I imagine that most people in Britain that were teenagers or older during her political "reign" do either one or the other to extremity), she is dead and, despite the news stories about her family, I expect that she may be missed by some of them. I imagine that I might have a different feeling in a similar situation to her children but I refuse to define another's feelings for them.

I have resisted linking or reposting some other LJ posts that more exactly say how I feel. I am linking this now because I respect Charlie and know that that aforementioned other person does so as well.

Please be nice to each other in comments otherwise I may have to wield the big stick of "comments-disabled"-ness.

ETA: I am starting a private post of links to other LJ posts and blogs that I personally agree with. If anyone would like to see the links, please do email me. If enough people want to see the links post I may make it available at some point in the future (f-locked or public) so that it does not appear on people's LJFriendsLists and RSS aggregators.
Tags: controversy, death, opinion, politics

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