Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[Ravelry FO] Pine Hills Neck-warmer/cowl

iv. All done!

iii. Finished all bar the intimidting-to-me kitchenering.

ii. Take two:
16 repeats, whilst wide enough that I can use my 80mc 3mm circ without needing magic-loop, is too wide for the ‘height’ of a cowl / neck-warmer and so I frogged and restarted with 10 repeats around. 122 to cast on, well, 244 once you take into account that I am using Judy’s magic cast-on (or my variant that does not need knitting tbl) to duplicate the stitch count and reserve a “provisional” cast-on using scrap yarn. I started the pattern on row 2 for the first repeat so that the eventual kitchener ‘row’ will be row 1.

i. The initial plan was:
Cast on 194 sts with provisional cast-on of another 194 (or use a cast on that you can kitchener to easily). Knit pattern in the round over 8 pattern repeats each side of the tube (x2 = 16 + 1 K st each side). When all yarn almost used up (or the tube is long enough, whichever happens first), finish with a complete 12 row pattern repeat and kitchener end to start.

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Tags: finished objects

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