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Meds, supplements and food intollerances

A copy of my Goggle Drive doc:


  • Copaxone (glatiramer acetate, 1 ml of 20 mg/ml), one subcutaneous self-injection daily (DMD for MS).
  • Lymecycline, 408 mg per day (for adult acne, in Meds1).
  • Co-Codamol (30/500) as needed, up to two tablets four times a day (for pain).
  • Erythromycin and Zinc Acetate Lotion (40 mg/ml + 12 mg / ml) up to twice a day (for adult acne).
  • Tolterodine Tartrate M/R (4 mg) one per day (for bladder instability symptoms of MS in Meds4).
  • Propranolol Hydrochloride M/R (80 mg) one per day (vs. vestibular migraines in Meds4).
  • Modafinil (100 mg) up to two per day as required (I rarely bother these days, in Meds1&3).
  • Algesal cream 10% as directed (for injury and spasticity pain).
  • Aqueous cream, as required (for dry skin and seborrhoeic (sp?) dermatitis).
  • Hydrocortisone 1% cream (for seborrhoeic (sp?) dermatitis).
  • Zantac (150 mg) one twice per day (for acid refluxitis, in Meds1&4).
  • Ubidecarenone (30 mg) three twice per day (vs. MS Fatigue – I usually only take these once a day, in Meds1&3).
  • Citalopram Hydrobromide 40 mg per day (vs. clinical depression, in Meds1).

Various supplements (per day):

  • evening primrose oil (1300 mg = 117 mg GLA in Meds2)
  • vitamin D (400 iu in Meds4)
  • vitamin B12 (1000 mg in Meds2)
  • zinc (15 mg in Meds4)
  • magnesium (250 mg in Meds4)
  • calcium (500 mg in Meds4)
  • ginkgo biloba (6000 mg in Meds2)
  • ginseng (1200 mg in Meds2)
  • L-tyrosine (500 mg in Meds4)
  • omega 3, 6 & 9 oil (1000 mg in Meds2)
  • cranberry extract (1000 mg in Meds2)
  • green tea extract (315 mg in Meds2)
  • acidophilus & pectin (< 150 mg / 100 mg in Meds4)
  • glucosamine & chondroitin (400 mg / 100 mg in Meds2)


I take Meds1 and Meds2 when I get up and do my Copaxone jab, Meds3 if I need to be awake, for whatever reason, all day without napping and Meds4 an hour before going to bed for my long-sleep (ideally).

Food intolerances:

I can't eat the following (if I do I get ill but not anaphylactic and/or my other medications are less effective):

  • dairy / milk (especially cows’) - e.g. lactose, milk solids, whey powder, etc. (n.b. eggs are not dairy despite what many supermarkets think)
  • wheat - flour etc. I am OK with other grains like buckwheat, corn, oats, rye and barley - I can get away with some wheat but too much makes me bloated and sluggish.
  • chilli.
  • tomato skins and seeds (passata is fine because it is strained).
  • citrus fruit.
  • onion (small quantities of finely chopped and well cooked shallot are OK and I get away with spring onions, cooked or raw).
  • alcohol.

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