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How it works, tell me your favourite colour in comments below and I will try to remember to get around to posting 5 questions to get to know you better.

I was asked the following questions by wolfteaparty:

1. Favorite website?
I am not sure that I have a favourite website. As usual for me, that varies. I suppose that I am most impressed by .

2. What is a happy memory you have?
Ah, memory, that fickle mistress that I can no longer trust. I do remember cuddling Pixel a few minutes ago.

3. About how old were you in your first memory?
I have a pre-memory that my mother said never happened in which I was about five or six. I first remember having that memory at about that age. Yeah, as previously mentioned, I do not trust my memory.

4. A favorite animal?
Cat. No surprise there.

5. Do you know your blood type? What is it?
I used to know my blood type (we did tests on our own blood to find that out in Biology lab when I was about 14 - I expect they are no longer allowed to do those tests in the classroom) but, surprise surprise, I cannot remember what it is. Doctors rarely need that on your records these days because it can be swiftly determined (a bit like a litmus test) if you need a transfusion. If it is anything more serious then full tissue-typing is more likely to be employed, from what I can gather.

Apologies if I am sounding detached and clinical tonight and for my delay in answering. Damned flu.
Tags: meme

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