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Bullies kill.

I have been both bullied and abused in my life. This video rang a lot of bells. Bullies kill. They almost killed me, more than once. I have been bullied recently, online. I am withdrawing from some of my online life as a result.

Source: The Wordsmith's Forge - Watch "To This Day"

I am tempted to do one of those holding-up-cards-instead-of-speaking vlogs (video blogs) that many teenagers seem to be doing. I know I am 45, but I hate my voice when recorded. Then again, I also dislike what I look like (which is part of why I decided not to make a video podcast). I know that these feelings are a result of all those years of being bullied, but I cannot get past those feelings because they reside deep within my soul.

As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary).
Tags: bullies, links, mental-health

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