Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

LiveJournal - Status Update: possible slowness and access problems

This explains why I have been having so many problems posting to natdaylog from my phone, I expect.

LiveJournal is currently up, but you may encounter some problems while attempting to use the service. Specifically, some pages may load slowly, the site may not respond when trying to login, and attempting to post entries or comments may result in intermittent errors. For people using certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs), LiveJournal is completely unavailable.

LiveJournal - Status Update: possible slowness and access problems


Recently users have been experiencing difficulties with access to some pages on LiveJournal: pages are loading slowly, comments can’t be added, etc. This is happening because of an uneven distribution of the load on our servers: data is stored on multiple servers, and some of that data is accessed more frequently than other data, causing some servers to be overloaded while others can handle more requests for data than they're currently getting. We are starting maintenance now in order to more evenly distribute the data and load amongst the servers to improve site performance.

LiveJournal - Site maintenance
Tags: livejournal, lj-broke

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