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repost/share/reblog] 'How about "I Will Help Prevent Drug-Assisted Rapes" as a New Year

Originally posted by cluegirl at How about "I Will Help Prevent Drug-Assisted Rapes" as a New Year's resolution?

Here is an indiegogo campaign in its VERY LAST DAY, and you should go and have a look at it:

Drug Rape Prevention: DrinkSavvy Color Changing Drinkware

Even if you can't contribute, please consider shilling this site. Because currently, alcohol is one of the biggest tools in the serial rapist's arsenal, and making this resource available to the potential victim pool is one of the biggest steps we can take to help pare that down.

Shill it, if you ain't got the shilling, my darlings. If you haven't go a ha'penny, then Facebook it too!

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