Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Ravelry: For Good Hat pattern by Megan Williams

The following pattern is in aid of a great cause and is #1 on my Ravelry queue and wishlist - I just need to ask hubby if we can afford for me to buy the pattern.

In remembrance of my sister Melly on her birthday, November 29th, I have designed a hat that I would love to knit and be able to give to her.

All proceeds of this pattern will be donated FOR GOOD, to the National Woman’s Health Network in Melissa’s name. The NWHN is a women’s health advocacy organization seeking to “protect women from health risks caused by unsafe drugs, devices and medical treatments”, in addition to addressing many other health issues that face women today like health care coverage. For more information on this organization, please visit:

Ravelry: For Good Hat pattern by Megan Williams
Tags: charity, good cause, knitting, links, ravelry

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