Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Snail mail addresses please!

I have mentioned that I am looking for pen-pals. I have linked to my LJFriendsGroup-locked contact details post. What I did not remember to do was ask you all for your snail mail addresses! I may have some of them but may also have lost them and so, if you would like a postcard, exmas/"holiday" card, something knitted or a letter (feel free to express you preferences and hates in this department), please do leave me your snail mail address in the comments which are all screened and I will not reply because that will un-screen them. If you ask me any questions I will either PM/LJMessage you (if your journal settings allow that - some don't), email you, make a separate post or comment on your journal somewhere.
Tags: address, mail

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