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Dark realisations

I have just realised, lying here unable to sleep, some things that I do not like about myself. I seem to be entering a dark, depressed, SAD phase. I know this because my spendaholic, want-all-the-things, only-happy-for-a-few-hours-when-I-get-cool-stuff-in-the-mail and secrecy tendencies are looming and this only happens when I am depressed. We cannot afford for this to happen this year as hubby is freelancing again and so cash is very sparse.

So, rather than risk not being able to control this and also risk my marriage, I am looking for pen-pals. Getting letters or postcards in the mail and sending out the same would make my day every time. I can afford to send letters and cards in the UK and, once I check with hubby, perhaps internationally as well. Packages and so on, though, might be pushing things. I will have to see.

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Tags: about me, about_me, depression, mail, sad

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