Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

US election and politics - a rare subject on this LJ

I am sad that people are having to post to their LJs with comments disabled just so that they can say what they feel, in order that they not be flamed. I have been avoiding LJ and FB quite a lot recently and/or using the scrollbars a lot when it comes to opinions that I do not agree with. I would never flame someone for they opinions but have been flamed in this way in the past, so I do understand why people do it..

Personally I am pleased that Obama is in power for another four years rather than the man/men/party that wanted to legislate a woman's right to have a uterus (yes, I am oversimplifying, but that is how it seems to me, that one of a few policies they mentioned that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were campaigning on and that I do not agree with). That said, I am also sad that the US only has two parties allowed in election (of, at least, that is how it seems to me) and they they are both very right and centrist and that there is no social/leftist option available - the GOP especially seems to care more about cash than people. Just my 2¢.

I am not disabling comments or disallowing anonymous comments but I will freeze or delete any flame-wars on my journal, as per usual. Please do not flame me for my opinions or try to "educate" me about how your opinion is better than mine or anyone else's.

P.S. The mood-theme mood on this post has nothing to do with the subject-matter and everything to do with - just how I feel at this second in time. Nauseous. My body and its symptoms are more random, sometimes, than a random thing on random day.
Tags: politics, usa

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