Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[Ravelry FOs] Two Blankie Bunn(ies)

I am going to knit two or more of these because so many friends of hubby’s are dropping babies!

I have finished one within 24 hours of starting (other than embroidering the face – I need to buy some yarn for that), despite sleeping for about 14 hours in the middle due to a migraine.

I weighed the yarn left in the ball after I knit one and there was 53 g left. With a supposed 100g per ball, this means that I should get two Blanket Buddies / Blankie Bunnies out of one ball. I weighed a brand new ball with the ball band taken off and it weighed 102g not 100g and so it is even more likely that I should get two per ball. I have three balls and only need to knit two right now.

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Tags: finished objects

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