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Origami might be a good way for friends and family to network and have some permanence on the internet. Let's see how it unfolds. If you fancy signing up, please do use that link, above.

A note from the team

All origami shapes start the same way, one square of paper. Thousands of symbols and figurines – all different in appearance – can be folded from the same material. The same is true of you and your family. Although we start from the same material, our families help craft us into something different and independent. As we move through our lives, we exercise that independence. We move from home and leave our family to go somewhere else. We find new family. We create it. And we relegate the ones who we love into monthly scheduled phone calls and holiday cards.

We are building to make it so easy and delightful to stay in touch that it will happen effortlessly. Origami is a permanent home for you and those closest to you. It’s a place to see and hear the people who love you. It’s a place to chat, archive memories, and plan get-togethers. It’s a place to spread the word and keep everyone in the loop. Origami is the only site where you can connect with family today in a meaningful way, and build a living legacy for generations to come.

We’d love to share more plans with you. If you signup, we’ll make sure to give you early access so you can see what Origami is all about. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. You and your family will love it!
- Team Origami
Tags: internet, link, networking, permanence, posterity

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