Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

An experiment, copied from natdaylog

copied from here:

15:45 Muggy and weather-heady. Cocodamol and a nap …

Got up at about 11 am.

Copaxone RH 11:15.
Meds 1&2 11:20.

I have eaten (Alpro yog and choc pot at about 11:30), knitted and almost watched all the video podcasts that are unwatched in iTunes on the mac.

24ºC and 46% humidity on my desk (on my very cheap Muji "weather-station") with the window open. It is feeling increasingly like it might rain, though, which probably explains the brain-mush and otherwise weather-head.

My current toe-up sock project is continuing apace (using an afterthough heel) but I am going to have to undo the tubular cast-off (bind-off to the USians) and use something looser (maybe the german cast-off).

I wonder if I should put making this LiveJournal account into a permanent/paid accout on my wishlist as I seem to write more here whilst daylogging than I do in my anonymously-gifted permanent account over at natalief. Then again, if I alternatively switched the daylogging to that LJ for posterity's sake then I might bore people there with boring daylogging minutia. Ah rambling dilemmae.
Tags: daylog, food, meds, natdaylog, rambling, sleep

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