Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Group video chats?

I know you can do this with Skype (well, I seem to remember that you can) - video conferencing - a knit 'n' natter or coffee morning -type gathering of people on video chat - but I have seen a number of knitting video podcasters mention something that sounds like BKN or VKM. Does anyone have any idea what they are saying but I am mishearing? I have tried to google anything that sounds right but nothing seems to turn up search results about video chatting. Yes, I would need to get a webcam and get over my concern about showing my face on TEH INTARWEBZ (adult acne, coldsores, crooked teeth and all) but, as I am not getting to the local knitting shop these days and seem to be even more house-bound than ever (especially with my legs not working 'today') This might be a good way to get a bit more sociable.

ETA: It turns out that Virtual Knit Night is a bunch of knitters that meet on google+ and not a separate site or app. *sad*
Tags: video chat

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