Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

I have succumbed

… and can occasionally be found on FaceBook since finding out at my brother's wedding that a lot of my cousins are on there and that there is an iPad app (even if the app does not allow me to "share" like the website does). If you want to add me on FB, tell me your LJ name in case I cannot work that out. I am here and already follow some of you. That said FaceBook feels uncomfortable to be after years on LJ. Nothing works how it feels that it should and it makes me feel old.

Edited To Add (and emphasise): if you send me a friend request on FB without commenting here with your LJName and RealLife™ name (RLName) who you are then I may end up rejecting your request if I do not recognise your RLName.
Tags: facebook

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