Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Anxiety prevents sleep

I am very tired and have tried twice to have a nap today after waking up at some ungodly (for me) hour this morning. The first time I could not sleep because I was hungry so I got up and fed myself but then there was not enough time for a nap before a delivery was due.

The second time, now the delivery has arrived, I have laid in bed for an hour and my brain would not SHUT UP with things that need doing. I was composing LJ posts and emails in my head and then having to make a note of them (or the subjects, at least) so that I did not forget them whilst asleep. Not that I got to sleep. I have sent the most important email now that I have given up trying to sleep to write things down.

I do seem to have a nasty headache now, probably due to tiredness and stress. I will take $painkillers and try again to sleep.
Tags: anxiety, sleep

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