Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

natalie's OpenPhoto site - The OpenPhoto Project

I am considering moving from flickr to OpenPhoto and now have with the photos stored on hubby's AWS storage/servers rather on flickr/yahoo's servers. OpenPhoto may not be as fully featured as flickr as yet (it is still a work in progress) but I will be able to see more than the latest 200 photos there once my flickr pro account runs out. I no longer take part in flickr's groups and communities and so there is no real benefit to me for paying the flickr pro fees if this will work for Ravelry, LiveJournal and my Wordpress knitting blog (the main uses for my flickr account at the moment).

That said I am about to upload a load of photos that I took at my brother's wedding today to flickr so that they can add them to the group they will create on flickr for the wedding.
Tags: photos
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