Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Smudge update

Smudge is spending another night at the vets', this time free of charge. A wonderful person picked up the whole bill for last night. She has eaten a little cat pate from the nurses' fingers (she loves to eat from our fingers because then she thinks she is eating our food illicitly), has had IV fluids and some painkillers. They need to do an ultrasound but my earlier suspicion about her kidneys or liver might be founded: her liver tests are suspect and she had been drinking and weeing enough for a whole house of cats as well as her back legs giving out on her occasionally. We had put it down to just getting a little older (they are 13) or middle-aged but it now seems that it might (but we still hope not) be more than that. We will hear more tomorrow and she can hopefully come home then. I am currently numb although *this* close to sobbing. I am also hating myself for feeling that my day was easier today with her at the vets'.

If you comment please do not make me cry or I might not stop.
Tags: cats, smudge

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